The Art of Authentic Interaction

The   cornerstone    of    being    an    effective   leader   is  mastery  of  your interpersonal style.  It’s not just technical skills or knowledge that advances your career, but your ability to genuinely connect with others; adapting your style to create the right result at the right time.
The Art of Authentic Interaction is a ½ - 1 day interpersonal styles workshop designed to accelerate the knowledge of and “hands-on” practice with diverse operating styles.  This workshop is often incorporated into an executive team building retreat or it can be a free-standing workshop.  Like all R│L learning formats, it is highly interactive and enables immediate application within the session and at work. 
Knowing what style you are, coupled with the ability to speed read others’ interpersonal styles, is essential for understanding and developing widespread organizational endorsement.  Simply put, if you want to be effective in your role, you need to be cognizant of your attitudes, beliefs, values, behavioral drivers, and your impact, intended and unintended. 
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