Our Process


Phase I: Diagnostic Assessment

  • Comprehensive and accurate Diagnostic Assessment is the starting point for realizing transformational results. We conduct confidential 360° interviews and use diverse interpersonal, careering, and psychological instruments. We offer a number of proprietary R│L instruments and industry standard tools. Personal aspirations, values, drivers, blockages, and commitment to success are identified and factored into our customized coaching program.

Phase II: Feedback – Written Report and Coaching Action Plan

  • Practical, straightforward feedback is a rare gift. The challenge is to provide meaningful feedback so that the R│L client is able to understand it, own it, and act on it. A confidential report highlights strengths, development needs, and 3-5 key areas of focus for the coaching engagement. The action plan is co-developed and is focused on immediate performance improvement and metrics to measure progress. The Executive Coaching Action Plan also integrates the client’s personal Development Plan from the company.   
  • In a management feedback meeting, the coaching client presents the findings, insights, and gains clarity and commitment to the action plan.  

Phase III: Performance Metrics

  • The identification of performance metrics and deliverables that the coaching client and his/her boss want to see enhanced are a critical part of our process. These deliverables may have already been established or are formulated during coaching. Throughout the coaching process, we continue to modify and fine-tune these result-based outcomes.  

Phase IV: Coaching, Skill Building, and Learning Integration

  • Employing R│L proprietary coaching tools and models, we significantly improve the client’s capabilities to function at a more powerful and effective level. Throughout the course of the coaching engagement, we strengthen the effectiveness of the executive client through penetrating, “real time” discussions of beliefs and behavior, defense mechanisms, operating style approaches, and organizational dynamics. R│L reinforces the best of the executive’s leadership style and minimizes self-limiting “blind spots.”

Phase V: Follow-Up and Next Step Reporting

  • At or near the conclusion of the engagement, a written summary highlights the progress made to date and the developmental issues that remain. While R│L consultants maintain confidentiality with our clients, we facilitate a candid discussion with the client, boss, and Human Resources, as appropriate.