The first 100 days in a new role is the time of greatest vulnerability and when executives are expected to be at their best. Failure to create positive momentum guarantees an uphill battle for credibility and gaining organizational trust.

The R│L Onboarding process creates practical strategies to accelerate the contributions and endorsement of the newly hired or promoted executive during the first 100 days. Together, we establish specific goals and outcomes with time-based metrics to ensure the executive’s success.  

R│L Onboarding coaching enables executives to:

  • Accelerate learning to speed-read the organization’s decision hierarchy and its needs
  • Frame a strategy to ensure key outcomes while building top-down endorsement
  • Secure early wins that boost credibility fast
  • Build productive working relationships with the boss and entire team
  • Enhance interpersonal skills and political savvy
  • Create powerful coalitions across the organization
  • Communicate up, support across, and develop down
  • Leverage your talents to be more visible and effective

To learn how the R│L Onboarding coaching process can make a difference for you and newly hired executives, contact us.