Executive Coaching Testimonials

“I  have  worked  with R│L  for  the  better  part  of ten years while working in two different organizations, as well as during my transition from the first to the second.  Personally, this experience has provided me with significant insight and self-realization that has made me a better manager of people and of my own career. Many of the skills that I have used to make my current organization one of the market leaders in the graphic arts equipment industry can be attributed to lessons I learned directly from the coaches at R│L.

In addition, R│L has a group of professionals that add richness to the process of individual and organizational development. Whether it is management team building or individual coaching, the members of the Robertson Lowstuter team have never disappointed me or my staff members. I can recall numerous occasions in which the coaching they have provided has made a significant difference in the performance of an individual and, in turn, my overall organization.”

Stephan Carter
CEO, Hudson HIghland North America 

“I cannot thank you enough for what you have helped me achieve in Top Gun Presentation Coaching. The experience was truly remarkable as I implemented your techniques and sensed such tangible reactions from audiences. I truly appreciate your simple but effective approaches to engage any group.”  

Al Fournier
Pampered Chef

“I came to Robertson Lowstuter to work on my communication style in relation to my business peers. At the time, ‘assertive’ and ‘aggressive’ were synonymous in my style.  Through R│L’s coaching, I was able to significantly enhance my communication and leadership capabilities.  My immediate benefit was my ability to turn around a stalled, 3rd party negotiation, reaping a $5 million payout for my company.”

Vice President Manufacturing
Pharmaceutical Industry

“I have been thoroughly impressed with the highly customized approach my R│L executive coach has provided me over the last year. Over this time period, I have been faced with a wide range of issues: big picture leadership style/career concerns and specific tactical issues. I have gained invaluable insights and suggestions for the full continuum of my coaching needs. I have full trust and confidence in my coach's wisdom and sincerity.”  

Director R&D
Leading Consumer Goods Company

“I spent a year together with my R│L executive coach as I planned my retirement. He helped me think through and validate my decision to retire and our discussions gave me the confidence to go forward.  We looked at potential post-retirement roles from non-profit through consulting, and he challenged me every step of the way to make sure I was ready. He involved my spouse in the discussions and his experience and judgment were most helpful. R│L’s service was worth every penny of my personal investment.”  

Fortune 500 Healthcare Company

“I credit R│L Executive Coaching for my being able to quickly turn around our underperforming business in San Diego. This generated a $125 million positive profit swing in record time and directly contributed to my promotion to Vice President soon after this project was completed. You helped me become the leader I always wanted to be. Thanks!”  

Vice President Credit
Global Financial Services Company

“The most significant growth area for me as a result of coaching is a total redefinition of ‘accountability.’ I now see accountability as getting people to work together to achieve a result, each contributing fully. My old belief was that I was the person accountable for giving all the ‘right’ answers to others and persuading them to accept my ideas and produce what I wanted.”  

Automotive Parts Manufacturer